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Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam) Ltd - Online Banking Terms and Conditions

1. By signing below, I/we the duly authorized representative(s) of the entity on whose behalf I/we are signing up (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer") apply for and on behalf of the Customer for Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam) Ltd (the "Bank") Internet and Electronic Banking Service (collectively "Online Banking Services"), as may be made available to the Customer by the Bank from time to time.

2. Further I/we acknowledge that the use of the Online Banking Services shall be governed by the Bank's prevailing Online Banking Terms and Conditions, available on the Bank's web-site at https://www.sc.com/vn/en/personal-banking/services/online-banking/en/terms-and-conditions/ as amended from time to time, and I/we declare that I/we have read and fully understood the said terms and conditions and accept the same.

I/we also agree that the website at www.standardchartered.com.vn is automatically changed into the website at www.standardchartered.com/vn when I/we type it to find out the same terms and conditions as mentioned above

3. I/we hereby instruct and authorize the Bank to mail the Customer's Online Banking ID and Online Banking Password (collectively "Security Codes") relating to access to the Online Banking Services to the person(s) I/we have authorized for this purpose pursuant to a signed delegation of authority to third parties (Authorized Persons) at the address(es) contained therein, and, I/we agree that the risk of non-receipt and/or disclosure of the Security Codes to an unauthorized third party shall be fully borne by the Customer. Subject to the Bank's prevailing terms governing the use of the Services, I/we hereby authorize and instruct the Bank to act on any instructions received from the Authorized Persons through the use of their designated Security Codes on behalf of the Customer, including, but not limited to the transfer of funds (subject to limits as may be imposed by the Bank from time to time) from the Customer's account(s) with the Bank (whether operated on a single signatory basis or operated on a joint signatory basis in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the terms and conditions of the Bank’s Online Banking Services) to the third party accounts named under the heading "Beneficiary Accounts", and, to any account which the Customer may designate from time to time, for this purpose under the Bank's prevailing procedures.

4. I/we warrant that all the information in this application form, provided by me/us in my/our capacity as the duly authorized representative of the Customer, is true, accurate and complete in all respects.

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