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Consent for Aadhaar authentication Terms

I hereby agree to submit voluntarily at my own discretion, the physical copy of Aadhaar card or in electronic form (eKYC) /physical e-Aadhaar / masked Aadhaar / offline electronic Aadhaar xml as issued by UIDAI (Aadhaar), to me for the purpose of establishing my identity/ address proof and voluntarily give my consent to open account / process instructions for the said purpose with Standard Chartered Bank (“Bank”) in my name/s individual capacity/ies using my Aadhaar or as an authorized signatory in non-individual accounts.

I hereby consent to the Bank for verification of my Aadhaar to establish its genuineness through Quick Response (QR) code embedded in the Aadhaar card or through such other acceptable manner as per UIDAI or under any law from time to time. For the above purposes and to the extent allowed under applicable law, the Bank may also share my Aadhaar or identity information within the Standard Chartered Group (as defined in the Client Terms) or any relevant service providers within India. However, my core biometric information/otp shall not be stored or shared by the Bank or the Standard Chartered Group.

The consent and purpose of collecting Aadhaar has been explained to me in local language. The Bank has informed me that my Aadhaar submitted to the Bank herewith shall not be used for any purpose other than mentioned above, or as per requirements of law (including Indian and foreign laws in relation to anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing).

The Bank has informed me that this consent and my Aadhaar will be stored along with my account details within the Standard Chartered Group in India. I hereby declare that all the information voluntarily furnished by me is true, correct and complete. I will not hold the Bank or the Standard Chartered Group or any of its officials responsible in case of any incorrect information provided by me.

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